The Healing Powers of Joshua Tree

Amidst spectacular vistas at 5,900 feet and nestled in the foothills of the Big Bear Mountains is the undiscovered gem called Burns Canyon. Twenty-five minutes off road from historic Pioneertown is our gorgeous retreat property we call Darling Springs. Surrounded by adjoining BLM and national forestry land, we are six miles off-road, truly off the grid, powered by solar and a well. We are a desert oasis of health wellbeing and tranquility — a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Paul Lubicz Wellbeing Manager Joshua Tree Retreats

About the property

Since 2014, Darling Springs has welcomed guests to a three-day long personal retreat focused on health, mindfulness, great organic whole food and a beautiful balance of invigorating exercise and rest. A rich experience for the soul with incredible sunrises and sunsets, gigantic Joshua trees and the Milky Way on display virtually every night, Darling Springs is a warm, relaxed and inviting setting. After one visit, you will be forever transformed in mind, body and spirit.

The remarkable biodiversity of bird, animal, and plant life here in Burns Canyon is the result of an overlapping between the ecosystems of the high desert and the alpine terrane of Big Bear. A birdwatcher's haven, you can count on seeing and listening to quail, hawks, golden eagles, jays, cactus wrens, doves, roadrunners and hummingbirds. Beautiful pine trees, yuccas, junipers and remarkable Joshua trees flourish on our property. Or, you can catch a glimpse of the cottontail and jack rabbits, coyotes, kit foxes and bobcats that are frequent visitors in the canyon.

Paul Lubicz Wellbeing Manager Joshua Tree Retreats


Our facilities are simple yet charming and relaxed. Our bedrooms are comfortable and quaint, with a downstairs bathroom all to your own. A cozy living room with comfortable sofas and an inviting fireplace bids you to relax and reconnect.

We enjoy four seasons, each with its own magic: spring with its remarkable wildflower bloom, summer (20 degrees cooler than Palm Springs, 10 degrees cooler than Joshua Tree) with maximum greenery and balmy, star-filled nights, autumn’s crisp days and changing colors as well as snow for a fantasy winter holiday. We are located 2 hours 30 minutes east of Los Angeles.



Paul Lubicz Wellbeing Manager Joshua Tree Retreats

This is your private retreat, meaning that you are in control of the schedule, hiking, rock stacking, meditation, yoga, Qi Gong, workout, mobility, stretching, Pilates, coaching and prayers or just relaxing with a mind-expanding book from our small library. It’s all completely tailored to you.

Food As Medicine

Paul Lubicz Wellbeing Manager Joshua Tree Retreats

All food is wholesome, nutritious and prepared by Paul with love, who deeply enjoys cooking and understands food as medicine. The menu is focused on your individual likes and needs to feature an organic and predominantly plant-based diet of organic, seasonally grown vegetables, as well as grass-fed, grass-finished, free-range, hormone-free, antibiotic-free and humanely-handled meats. We source ingredients from Imperfect Produce, Thrive Market, Whole Foods and the local farmer's market.