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It’s been my life’s work to inspire happy and healthy lives. For over 25 years I have helped some of the most influential people around the world look fantastic, feel amazing and find peace and balance in their lives. I give my clients powerful support, encouraging them on their life's journey to discover their full potential, experience vibrant health, and to actualize their dreams and legacy.

Daily, I have witnessed clients who are stressed, overwhelmed and miserable transform their lives through our work together. I have developed a simple and meaningful process combining mindfulness and wellbeing practices that have an overwhelmingly positive effect. Infinite possibilities become available to you through this process.

Born in Perth, Western Australia, I lived in London for 10 years and I now call Los Angeles and Joshua Tree California home. For over 25 years, I have journeyed to the jungles of the Amazon and to the highest peaks of the Far East in search of knowledge and wisdom to share with my clients and I continue to dedicate myself to studying the latest advancements in wellbeing, holistic health and mindfulness.

My clients have included winners of Grammys, Oscars and Golden Globes, international royalty, multi-national CEOs and the most influential people on the planet. I am a published author, wellbeing journalist, consultant to Fortune 500 companies and a keynote speaker.

I seek to empower humanity to find peace, balance and vitality worldwide, I realize that this starts with the self. I have a life that continues to bless me with incredible experiences and good fortune, full of opportunities to constantly contribute, evolve and connect. What I promise you is an emotional investment in your wellbeing and happiness. Being fully invested in this process has lead me to achieve remarkable success. This is my purpose in life. I invite you to let me help you...find peace and balance in your life!