Transform your organization

The goal of The Wellbeing Manager is to fuel health, happiness and positivity to CEOs and organizations to drive business results. Paul bridges the gap between academic research, fads and the real world, with a message that is not only instructive and inspirational, but evidence-based. As a proven performer, he’s positively influenced world leaders and international organizations, incorporating wellbeing best practices in their day-to-day lives to deliver a greater resilience in the face of stress. Paul’s unique approach frees up hidden resources that will result in you outperforming your competitors without compromising optimal health and happiness.



Fast track your transformation through personalized, one-on-one coaching. Deep-dive straight into the key areas specific to you to unlock your full potential as a CEO and leader.


Learn the art of wellbeing with practical strategies for positive leadership and heightened organizational engagement. Bring the Wellbeing Manager as a speaker to your organization.


The Wellbeing Manager offers customized retreats for your organization as a welcome reset, an opportunity to reconnect and the ability to learn how to implement best-practice wellbeing strategies that produce results.